Fire Danger: Electric Fan Story

We recently received news of a fire that started from an Electric Fan that was being used by the Park Homeowner during the heatwave. Only the prompt action by the Park Homeowner and the Fire Brigade prevented this park home from being destroyed.

A picture of a fan on top of burnt carpet and a chair, fire danger about leaving appliances on for long periods of time.

Many of us have been using these devices probably continually during this really hot weather, but like you, they can overheat as well, as in this case. Please take care when using such devices, check the cabling and perhaps turn them off so that they don’t overheat. It is well worthwhile getting an electrician to check the safety of your electrical appliances and the wiring installation from time to time to avoid an incident and possible damage to your property.

Our ‘Select’ and ‘Economy’ policies do cover accidental damage, but terms and conditions apply with each case.

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