For many people, the appeal of park home living is the sense of community that comes from living with people of a similar age. Often site rules do not allow children or pets and stipulate that residents must be over a certain age.

It is also true that incidents of burglary, theft, and vandalism are rare in residential parks; there is a sense of security, of looking after one another, of keeping an eye on who is coming and going, and because most people are retired – homes are usually occupied throughout the day.

Qualifying Resident’s Associations

Many parks have their very own social groups and resident’s associations which organise events for the benefit of their residents, like coach outings, Bingo, Fish & Chip Suppers, BBQ, etc. Sometimes these can be informal group gatherings, but in many cases, they are what are known as “Qualifying Resident’s Associations” (QRAs), meaning that over 50% of the residents must be members and the site owner has to recognise them.

Members of resident associations, qualifying and otherwise, are entitled to a 15% Park Home Insurance premium discount with Paul Baker.

The relationship between the site owner and the residents is effective between landlord and tenant, which can create tension and disputes, often regarding maintenance and pitch fees. These issues are often resolved through the formation of Qualifying Resident Associations (QRAs), which can negotiate on behalf of residents. For further information on QRAs, please download the Government Fact sheet below.

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