In the past, that has been a very difficult question to answer because the cost of replacing a park home with its brand-new equivalent will vary hugely from plot to plot, site to site, and region to region. Whilst factory prices are the same, homes must be purchased through site owners, and their margins and costs vary significantly! In response to this, specialist insurers like us offer reassuringly high ‘blanket’ sums insured for both the home and contents under insurance is very unlikely indeed. The sums insured will include the associated costs of site clearance, re-siting and delivery fees.

No, the base and indeed the plot is owned by and remains the responsibility of the site owner; it is their responsibility, therefore, to insure it and maintain it.

Trees can be a real attraction, and many parks are located in woodland areas; Garston Park and Pathfinder Village spring to mind. Your policy should cover you for loss or damage by falling trees and branches, whether the trees are owned by you or someone else. This should also include the cost of removal. If the damage has resulted from the failure of the site owner, for example, to maintain the trees, your insurance should still pay for the damage and may then pursue the site owner for reimbursement if negligence can be proven.

You should regularly check your roof for damage and clear your drains and gutters of leaf and twig debris; blocked gutters can cause real water ingress problems. If you are concerned about trees, ask the Local Authority to inspect them, especially if the owner is refusing to address your concerns.

Your policy will provide a benefit if your home is made uninhabitable by an insured peril such as loss or damage caused by storm, flood, road vehicles or a fallen tree. The benefit amount will vary, but usually, it will cover the costs of temporary alternative accommodation whilst the home is being repaired or replaced. In some cases, where the home has suffered extensive damage, you could be away from home for many, many months; likewise, if the home has been damaged beyond repair, it could take many months to secure a replacement.

Yes, as with traditional home insurance, your policy can be extended to include loss or damage to items normally worn or carried about the person, such as glasses, jewellery, cameras and mobile phones, an additional premium will apply, but usually this cover will be worldwide.

Likewise, your policy can be extended to cover sports equipment, be it golf, bowls or archery for example, and pedal cycles can also be added for loss or damage away from home.